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8 Best AI Avatar Apps of 2023

Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, an AI art generator can make art with a technological aesthetic from images taken in reality or ask the computer to draw what it thinks you're describing. With AI drawing tools, even people without drawing talent can create beautiful and realistic artwork as readily as an artist would. This is no exaggeration—the impact of AI on art creation has been nothing short of revolutionary.

In this article, we introduce you to how AI art generator works and 8 best applications that allow users to generate AI Avatars. Let's get started.

What Is an AI Avatar Generator?

In the same way, the A.I.-powered art generator uses algorithms to learn from a myriad of images so does the AI-generated image tool. With the thousands of art styles and features learned, the AI art generator enables its internal core algorithm tool to analyze user input text or uploaded images and create new pieces—all according to user-defined genre specifications.

It is worth noting that the AI art generator, while random, does not have an infinite number of possibilities for its output. Generating a new piece can sometimes seem like a game of chance—only this time it’s up to you to decide whether or not your luck was in by naming the program “Random Art Generator.

AI art generators can produce a variety of styles, including 3D, anime, and illustrations. In short, AI is revolutionizing the way we create things with computers.

8 Best AI Art Generator Apps You Should Try

AI art generator is a big hit and now there are a lot of apps about AI art and AI generator on the market. If you are looking for the best AI art generator app, you have come to the right place. Here we will introduce you to the best 11 popular AI art generator apps that will allow you to create AI-generated pictures or AI avatars anytime and anywhere.

1. Fotor

With powerful AI-driven editing tools like background remover, object remover, skin retouch, and art effects. Over 100K ready-to-use designs for graphic design & photo collages are available for personal & commercial use (with millions of high-quality stock photos).

When it comes to photo editing and design, Fotor is a popular brand among people with experience in the field. Its advanced AI algorithms and powerful image processing tools are used by many loyal fans.

Since its launch, Fotor's powerful AI art generator has been widely welcomed by people interested in both artificial intelligence and drawing. This tool not only generates images from text but also can convert photos into high-quality drawings generated by an AI. Fotor's AI art generator makes it possible for everyone to create their own artificial intelligence-generated works of art.

Key Features of Fotor's AI Art Generator:

  1. Various art styles to choose from, from concept illustration to art nouveau
  2. 10 free AI photos to be generated per day
  3. Free to manage the number of ai-generated images
  4. 2 ways to create AI pictures: text-to-image and image-to-image
  5. 3 different generated ratios for AI images
  6. Various options to adjust image details, such as perfect portrait, super-detailed, 8k/HD, etc.
  7. Easy to turn photos into AI avatars with different effects
  8. 9 kinds of light effects to choose from to perfect the picture
  9. Pro-level compositions are available

2. Lensa

Lensa is an app created by Prisma Labs that recently topped the iOS app store’s free chart. Though it was only released in 2018, its popularity soared after introducing a “magic avatar” feature—which some people say is similar to Instagram's popular "stories" function.

The images have flooded Twitter and TikTok. Celebrities like Megan Fox, Sam Asghari, and Chance the Rapper have even shared their Lensa-created likenesses.

Key Features of Lensa:

  • Improve facial retouching with a single tap
  • Perfect the facial imperfections
  • Replace or blur out the background
  • Tune both foreground and background to perfection
  • Use unique filters and special effects

3. Starryai

Starryai is a professionally designed artificial intelligence art generator. Like most AI picture generators, you just need to enter a prompt in the text box—the program will analyze your word choice and style it into an artwork with one of its built-in styles.

While Starryai's AI painting generator makes it easy to turn your photos into beautiful works of art, its special community lets you share the resulting images with other members. The AI artist community is made up of over 1000 artists who share their work with each other and teach you new techniques.

Key Features of Starryai:

  1. 5 free AI artworks without watermarks can be generated every day
  2. Multiple AI art styles and models to choose from
  3. Creative batch creation
  4. Custom size of AI-generated images

4. Wonder

In Wonder-AI Art Generator, it's easy to transform your typed whimsical text into an aesthetically pleasing work of art in a few seconds. Wonder’s AI painter can create artwork for you in a variety of styles—from gorgeous baroque paintings to futuristic synthetic wave landscapes. The app's text box is also a fun alternative to manually designing your own captions. You can enter any poem, song lyric, movie quote, or TV show line as an inspiration for Wonder’s images.

In addition to its established business, Wonder recently launched a new Android app that uses artificial intelligence technology to generate three-dimensional animated images of faces: Voi-AI Avatar App by Wonder. You can transform your avatar into a video game character, movie character, or astronaut in just one click in Voi. If you want an AI-created avatar for streaming on channels like Twitch or Instagram Stories, go ahead and give it a try.

Key Features of Wonder:

  1. A credit limit will be reset every day
  2. A variety of AI art styles, such as Cubist, Dali, Synthwave, Steampunk, etc.
  3. Excellent AI paintings can be posted or downloaded under the corresponding AI art tab
  4. Numerous unique prompt inspirations for learning or using.

5. Uni Dream

For those who have tried online AI image generators before, including Dall-e 2—one of the most popular AI photo generators—you've likely heard more than once about how it works. If you are also looking for an AI art generator app that uses Dall-e 2's models, check out AI Art Generator - Uni Dream. This program allows users to enter text and receive unique artwork created by a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).

Using Uni Dream's AI generator, you can make a lot of different kinds of art: for example, as an avatar maker. The program supports uploading photos so that you can get a variety of styles like ACG and anime—even cyberpunk. Uni Dream incorporates artificial intelligence that can draw the masked part of a photograph, retaining the original content while adding new elements. It can also generate artwork from novels by analyzing their text to produce images based on what is described or mentioned in them.

Key Features of Uni Dream:

  1. Various art styles are supported
  2. 2 ways to generate pictures: text to picture, picture to picture
  3. A large number of static and dynamic AI art effects to choose from
  4. No coding is required to mint AI generative artwork into NFT for financial profits

6. Avatars.fyi

Avatars is a calm company released by Jamie Russo at the end of 2022. It was created this by accident. 2 years ago, Jamie posted on Twitter asking if anyone wanted an Avatar. He thought a few friends might want one, because they were asking him how he made his. The post went viral—he handcrafted 1,000+ avatars in 24 hours (all free). People loved them. Jamie didnt really do anything for a year or two after that. In 2022, he quit his job to focus on his own indie projects. He launched Avatars a few weeks after that. The goal is to earn enough income to feed his family. Not to grow at all costs. That's it.

Key Features of Avatars:

  1. Only requires a single photo
  2. Creates the perfect headshot in minutes
  3. Great for any social media platform
  4. Makes personal brands stand out
  5. The most consistent look and feel every time

7. FacePlay

FacePlay is an AI generator that can create many styles of avatars with new photos just by using user-uploaded photos. FacePlay enables you to travel the world of ACG, which provides sci-fi style, war-damaged—even art painting. FacePlay-AI Art Generator can generate art based on text or photos, just like other AI generators. But it’s also a face swap app that comes with tons of templates for swapping faces in your pics. The original AI models that generated the video template in FacePlay and the new video effects made with them are amazing because two years of research have resulted in a program that can analyze images uploaded by users, then combine specific features.

Key Features of FacePlay:

  1. Multiple art styles for AI-generated images
  2. A large number of video templates
  3. High-resolution support for downloading videos and photos

8. Dawn

Dawn helps its users create realistic AI avatars by means of simple text prompts—no coding required. In Dawn, you can use a wide range of artificial intelligence-based effects and filters (such as "Kodak," "cinematic lighting," or the like) to make your photos look more interesting.

Key Features of Dawn:

  1. Endless AI effects and filters
  2. 2 modes to generate AI images: text-to-text and image-to-image
  3. App to face swap with celebrities or movie stars


This blog introduces you to AI Avatar Generators and their features. It also gives you a list of 8 highly-rated AI Avatar Generators that are used by many people around the world. They each have their own set of features, which may include AI image recognition, the ability to create animated avatars using artificial intelligence, and swapping faces with other videos. These AI Avatar Apps will give you the best experience and generate beautiful images based on your text prompts or uploaded images. you can download them to your phone or other portable device and start making AI artwork.

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